June 16, 2022

Obtaining a German driving license (“Führerschein“) means you are ready to start driving a vehicle in Germany. How do you get started? Where do you go? What documents do you need? Do you need a German driving license theory test?Well, all these questions and more would be answered in this article. This detailed guide will assist you in getting a German driving license without any hassle.

german driving licence
german driving licence

To drive in Germany, you need a driving license issued in Germany or another European Union country. You must always have your driving license with you when driving.

Driving licenses from non-EU countries are only valid for six months. A translation of your driver’s license into German is needed. The translation should be done by a German or internationally recognized automobile club or an authority in your home country or by a court-appointed translator.

If you are visiting Germany, you are allowed to drive with the driving license you have obtained in your home country or an international driving license. You don’t need a translation if your driving license was issued in the EU, Andorra, Hong Kong, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, or Senegal.

As we all know , Every country has its own driving rules and a different protocol which must be followed to obtain a driver’s license genuinely which can be used to drive, Work, Board Domestic Flights with all the benefits that comes with a valid German Driving Licence Owner.  This Driving License works genuinely and it will be same as the licence issued from the Officials.  Getting the license can be confusing at times if we do not take proper care and follow the  guide .

Obtaining a driver’s license these days  is the most integral part of adjusting and transitioning to a new country. In this article, we will be a simple guide on how to purchase a driving licence without attending a driving school , without sitting for a driving test be it theory or practical. all you need to do is know how to drive and leave the rest to us . we would sort that out smoothly as we always do.  facilitating  the process and you get your driving licence delivered to your home, car and even at work place or Any location of your choice. Driving with a valid driving licence keeps your life assured and the life of others on the road too. Lets all drive now and drive safe.

How to Obtain a German Driving License?

A driving license issued by an EU or EEA country remains valid in Germany until its expiry date. There are exceptions for certain categories of driving licenses. To qualify, it must be a full license, rather than a provisional one or an international driving permit.

If you hold a driving license from a country that is not a member of the EU or the EEA, this license will be valid for 6 months after you have established your normal residence in Germany. After this period, your driving license will no longer be recognized. If you wish to continue driving, you will need a driving license issued in Germany. The conditions governing the issuing of a German driving license vary depending on which country you obtained your license from. Depending on your country of origin, you may have to take the theory and practical driving test to obtain a German driving license.

Requirements For Obtaining A Driving License In Germany

The Driving License Office decides whether your driving license can be transferred without a test or you first have to take part in the theory and practical tests. Their decision depends on the country from which your driving license has been issued. You can check the validity of foreign driving licenses in Germany.If your driving license has been issued in an EU or EEA country, you can have your driving license transferred without a test.

Countries With Exchange Agreements With Germany

The following countries have a special agreement with Germany to exchange driving licenses:

  • Andorra
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Channel Islands
  • Croatia
  • French Polynesia
  • Isle of Man
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Monaco
  • Namibia
  • New Caledonia
  • New Zealand
  • San Marino
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • *U.S.A.

*The requirements for the U.S.A. vary according to state.

Citizens of these countries enjoy a special reciprocal arrangement where they can exchange their foreign driving license for the German one. If your country is not listed, you will have to take either a theory or practical test (or both) to get a German license.

The following documents have to be submitted along with your transfer application:

  • Valid ID or passport
  • Registration certificate
  • Bio-metric passport photo
  • Eye test results issued by an optician
  • Confirmation of participation in a first aid course
  • Translation of your foreign license (if applicable)

6 Steps In Obtaining A German Driving License.

Once you have successfully settled down in Germany, you need to start processing your driving license. Here are 6 steps to follow;

1. Take an eye test

To apply for a driving license in Germany, you will have to pass an eye test by an optician or eye specialist.

2. Complete a first aid course

All driving license applicants are required to attend an “instruction in life support” first aid course. This course is usually delivered by the German Red Cross and lasts for 8 hours. It is a 9 units × 45 minutes course.

3. Enroll in a driving school

In Germany, the theory and practical driving tests are conducted through driving schools. To take these tests, you will need to be enrolled at a driving school. If you are learning to drive for the first time, you must go to a driving school. If you already have a driving license, you won’t need to start from scratch. Many driving schools offer instruction for individuals who already know how to drive, preparing them for the test in Germany. It is worth seeking this out, as it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

4. Request for a license

Once you have the required documentation, you can make an appointment to apply for your license. This step is only necessary for those that don’t have a driving license.

5. Take the theory test

When you are ready to take it, your driving school will arrange for you to sit for your theory test. Preparing sufficiently for this test is very important, as around 31% of people fail the theory exam in Germany.

6. Take the practical test

Your practical test will also be arranged by your driving school. You must take the practical test within 12 months of passing your theory test. Depending on the license category you are applying for, the test usually lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. You will be accompanied by your examiner and instructor; the examiner usually sits in the back seat to assess your driving skills. The exam is generally conducted in German, so it might be worth taking a German language class to brush up on some common driving terms.

7. Get your driving license

If you pass the practical driving test, you will be issued a temporary paper driving license. You will need to collect the permanent one from the licensing authority office. Within the first two years of passing the German driving tests, you are “on probation”, meaning that if you commit any violations during this period you run the risk of losing your license. During the trial period, there is a total ban on alcohol consumption.

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Driving License Theory Test In Germany.

Your driving school will register you for the theory test. You will need to present the following documents to be allowed to take the theory test:

  • A Valid ID or passport
  • An appointment letter
  • A Training certificate issued by your driving school

To obtain a German driving license, you need to pass both the theory and practical driving tests. You can take the theory test in 12 different languages: German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Croatian, Spanish, Turkish, and Arabic (Standard Arabic).

The driving theory test includes 30 multiple-choice questions on subjects such as speed limits, permissible vehicle weights, etc. There may be several correct answers to one question. If you receive more than 10 minus points for incorrect answers, you will fail the test.

In the theory test, you have to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the relevant legal regulations for driving motor vehicles as well as environmentally conscious and energy-saving driving styles and also familiar with the dangers of road traffic and the necessary behavior to avert them. The results of the driving theory test are valid for one year. If you fail the driving test and want to try again after 12 months, you have to go through the theory test once more.

If you have passed the theory exam, you can take the driving test. It often takes between 30 to 45 minutes during which you have to demonstrate your ability to drive. You must demonstrate the ability to drive safely, competently, and calmly. Your driving instructor takes a seat in the front passenger seat as usual. The driving examiner takes the seat behind your driving examiner. This space enables the examiner to keep an eye on you, the traffic situation, and the instrument panel of the car.

If you don’t pass the exam on the first go, you can repeat it three times after two-week intervals. There is no limit to the number of times you can repeat the exam, but the intervals will become longer after your third unsuccessful attempt.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your German Driving License?

If you do not need to take a theory or practical test, the application to exchange your driving license for a German license usually takes 4-6 weeks. However, if you are going through the process of obtaining a new German driving license, it will take 2-6months.

Things To Note When You Get Your Driving License

It is advisable to get to know the different road signs and their meanings, before hitting the road. There are over 1,000 traffic signs in the German traffic code, including warning signs, speed limit signs, and information signs.

The traffic sign system in Germany is comprehensive and uniform. All road signs in Germany have standardized shapes and colors and use easy-to-understand pictograms and symbols that conform closely to European standards.

If you ignore vital traffic rules in Germany, you may lose your driving license. If it is a driving ban, you must hand in your driving license to the Traffic Violations Office for a specified number of months. You cannot drive during this period, however, you can pick up your driving license after the deadline.

In the case of withdrawal of a driving license, your driving license loses its validity. That means you are no longer allowed to drive and you are not permitted to apply for a new driving license for a specified period, until after the deadline.

How Much Does A German Driving License Cost?

Obtaining a German driving license with driving training is expensive, and it is valid for 15 years. A driving license in Germany ranges from €1,500 to €3,000.

There is no flat rate price for a German driving license in Germany.

If you never had a driving experience you will need to attend a driving school. This is the most expensive element of getting a driving license in Germany. The price depends on the number of driving lessons you have to take. It will be up to your instructor to decide how many lessons you need.

You can’t register for the driving test until your instructor is convinced that you can drive safely. Each driving school has different prices for driving lessons. Compared to the cost of driving lessons, the fees for the actual theory and driving tests are not significant.


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November 19, 2021

A criminal record is a report containing any prior charges and convictions that a person may have received. When someone is said to “have a criminal record”, it basically means that they have been convicted of some sort of crime and the record of that crime can be found by conducting a public records search. Having a criminal record can be detrimental to a person’s life. It can prevent them from getting a job, renting an apartment, getting custody of their child, or taking other actions. Thus, many people today attempt to have their criminal record cleared. So the Octapus Group Of Experts are here to Solve and answer to the question (How to Clear My Criminal Record?).


Generally, some of the crimes that may appear on a person’s criminal record include Felony offenses, Misdemeanors crimes, Arrests, Convictions, Sentences or dismissals,  and Parole violations. This article will answer questions on how to clear your criminal record easily.


Can a Criminal Record be Cleared?

Each nation has its own rules, regulations and requirements that determines whether or not a person’s criminal record will be eligible for clearance. As such, it follows that many of the specific procedures and rules involved will vary according to the country.

However, there are some factors that will remain the same in most nations, such as completing an assigned rehabilitation program or paying certain mandatory fines before a person is eligible to apply for clearance.

Furthermore, there are also certain situational elements that a court may look at when analyzing whether a person is entitled to clearance like whether the person is a first time or repeat offender, or how much time has passed since they were convicted of the crime.

It is very important to keep in mind that not every crime can be cleared from a criminal record. In most cases, the more serious the crime, the less likely it is to be eligible for clearance.

Felonies (as opposed to misdemeanors) pose the greatest challenges to clearing crimes and usually can only be removed when they are considered a lesser felony offense. In general, the following felonies will stop your from being eligible for clearance of criminal record:

  • Violent felonies (such as weapons charges or first-degree murder);


  • Child pornography;


  • Sex crimes (e.g., sexual assault and battery, rape, etc.); and


  • Felonies committed against a minor (i.e., usually a person who is younger than 18 years old).


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How is your Criminal Record Cleared?

A person’s criminal record can be cleared in one of two ways: either by having the criminal record sealed or getting the crimes expunged. The difference between the two is that sealing closes off the criminal record from public access, while the expunging makes it seem as if the conviction or arrest never existed.

In general, when a record is only sealed, it means that the record is still in existence somewhere but can only be accessed by people with certain credentials, such as parole officers or prosecutors. If these people do not have immediate access to the records, then they can request access through a court order. One advantage to having a criminal record sealed is that it will no longer be accessible to the general public. Thus, people like employers will not be able to access the record through an ordinary public record search.

Meanwhile, having a criminal record expunged means that the record will be deleted in a way that is as if it never existed. The record will be entirely removed from public record searches and from public access. The person whose criminal record was expunged will legally be allowed to claim that they have not been convicted of the crime being cleared.

Whether a criminal record is eligible for clearance or not will largely depend on the laws of a particular state and the nature of the crime charged. With this in mind, a crime that may be eligible for clearing from a record in one state may not be entitled to such a privilege in another.

Generally, the procedure for getting a criminal record cleared will include some of the following procedures:

  • First, a person should check out their local laws to see what types of crimes and other requirements are necessary to be eligible for expungement.


  • If they appear to be eligible for clearance, they can ask the court to clear their record by filing the necessary paperwork and adhering to the proper procedures that are provided by the laws in their state.


  • After receiving the files, the court will investigate the person’s criminal history to further assess whether they qualify for clearance of criminal record.


  • The court may also hold a hearing in order to go over their findings. Though it is not always needed, it is in the person’s best interest to attend the hearing but in some cases, the court may make it mandatory for the person to attend the hearing.


  • At the hearing, the court will decide on whether to grant or deny the record clearance request.


How can we Help?


We are aware that a criminal record creates a lifetime barrier for people trying to move forward with their lives, meet basic needs, and thrive in their chosen field. If you have the requirements, you can choose to apply to have your criminal record expunged, which is a free service offered by the Justice Department and the Constitutional Development department or as the case may be for different states.

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October 14, 2020

A drivers license is a document issued by the Authorities to permit anyone to drive in that given country  This document is mostly issued after some several driving test exams written and driven  too just to be able to obtain this document.

 How to get a fake drivers license that works from the dmv ?

This has been the question on everyone’s lips  below you will answer your questions smoothly as you proceed . In the USA we have the department of Motor Vehicles   (DMV) for all states which is specialist in the issue of all citizens drivers license . mean while , we have the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)  which takes care of all driving licence issued in England .

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When you buy a fake driving license online, you need to be sure of the quality of the document you’re provided and the credibility of the provider. The quality provided by many sellers is of cheap quality. However, the drivers licenses which our company provides meets the highest quality standard and you would be satisfied with the same. Some of the features you’ll enjoy on our Drivers licenses include;

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